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Part the First: Of Madness & Melancholy
Part the Second: The Stone of Folly
Part the Third: Divine Lunatics

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Trunk at Auction


In May of 2006, Mimi Foxmorton, collector of junque, 
bid at auction on a disregarded sea trunk.
A few coins later, the bid was won and the trunk shipped to Foxmorton's home
 in upstate New York.
After reviewing the contents at great length, Foxmorton has opted to
make the Moorfields journals public in hope of preserving their unique story.
What follows herein, is the extraordinary, often grievous, tale of the Moorfields lineage.
The information within is set forth here, as is, with no editorial commentary.
Foxmorton lets the story speak for itself.
~MF 2012

"It is enough."  ~Dirty Tom 1590

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Welcome to the Moorfileds journals.
I'm so pleased that you are willing to share this unique experience with me.
Please feel free to leave a comment, but do know that I have chosen, out of respect, to decline the answering of any specific questions regarding the journals. I feel that the story, as written, must speak for itself.
Fair Winds, my faithful readers. I do hope you delight in this goodly intrigue as much as I have!
love, Foxmorton