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Friday, October 19, 2012

To One In Bedlam....

To One in Bedlam
Ernest Dowson

WITH delicate, mad hands, behind his sordid bars,
Surely he hath his posies, which they tear and twine;
Those scentless wisps of straw that, miserable, line
His strait, caged universe, whereat the dull world stares.
Pedant and pitiful. O, how his rapt gaze wars 5
With their stupidity! Know they what dreams divine
Lift his long, laughing reveries like enchanted wine,
And make his melancholy germane to the stars'?
O lamentable brother! if those pity thee,
Am I not fain of all thy lone eyes promise me; 10
Half a fool's kingdom, far from men who sow and reap,
All their days, vanity? Better then mortal flowers,
Thy moon-kissed roses seem: better than love or sleep,
The star-crowned solitude of thine oblivious hours.

Last Look
collage poetry by Fomorton

dirty tom lives a story
of the doomed
haunted escape
drums throbbed
mourned his increasing madness
night I found him on the precipice
I sat facing this extraordinary man, creator of such an endless stream of magical images
endowed with dignity
"I fell." he says "It was a big fall and I couldn't have gotten back up without your help.
It was like going in a cave where you can't see the sun."
I ran along side until I felt he didn't need me, then....I let go.
immediately, I wanted to grab hold again but he was gone
run like pheidipides
He got away
only I believe in happy endings
we still live in its shadow
How do you define eternity?
Can you wait?
~c. MF 2007


  1. Hey Mimi--this is such an interesting undertaking--I'm getting it as kind of a compilation of poem/story, art work, done from a historical perspective--the changes of style are quite interesting - and in the approach of the art as well--I like your collages very much--the combinations and placement--it really is very striking and creative. I find it very hard to read in a blog format--I guess-the breaks are difficult for me (especially on iPad.) I guess one could go to the main blog and then go straight rather than backwards? There iare some kind of fiction writing sites--I've not investigatged them but maybe they work differently in terms of format? Anyway, cool work. Take care, K.

  2. Thanks for the positive comments. They are greatly appreciated.

    Alas, a blog *is* most difficult to ready for pleasure. Everything goes backwards (as far as I know) I kind of think of my blogs as a notebook I won't lose. lol

    Thanks for reading and taking the time to send supportive words.

    Have a creative day.


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